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Learn About the Holistic Health Practitioners in Houston, Texas

The city of Houston enjoys plenty of knowledgeable and, talented complementary and alternative medicine therapists to cater to its diverse population. Complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) is different from the conventional western medicine; it is the natural way of healing ailments.

According to National Center of Complementary and Integrative Health, Federal Government’s lead agency for scientific research on the non-conventional medical and health care systems, practices, and products, if a non-mainstream practice is used together with conventional medicine it is considered complementary; if a non-mainstream practice is used in place of conventional medicine it is considered alternative. (web)

The use of integrative health and wellness approaches has grown within care settings across the United States and the world as a whole. Researchers are currently exploring the potential benefits of integrative health in a variety of situations, including pain management for military personnel and veterans, relief of symptoms in cancer patients and survivors, and programs to promote healthy behaviors. (NIH)

Top Uses of Complementary Health Approaches (c) Smita Dwivedi (2016)

Top Uses of Complementary Health Approaches
(c) Smita Dwivedi (2016)

Research of CAM use among children/adolescents has indicated that CAM use is widespread among children/adolescents. Prevalence rates vary widely regarding CAM modality, country, and reported recall period. Prevalence rates for overall CAM use ranged from 10.9-87.6 % for lifetime use and from 8-48.5 % for current use. The respective percentages for homeopathy (highest in Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada) ranged from 0.8-39 % (lifetime) and from 1-14.3 % (current). Herbal drug use (highest in Germany, Turkey, and Brazil) was reported for 0.8-85.5 % (lifetime) and 2.2-8.9 % (current) of the children/adolescents. Studies provided a relatively uniform picture of the predictors of overall CAM use (higher parental income and education, older children), but only a few studies analyzed predictors for single CAM modalities.

Different modalities of healing such as homeopathy, acupuncture, ayurvedic treatments, massage, yoga, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, music therapy, are popular variations of the alternative therapies.

The article discusses talented healers and alternative healing therapies, available in the city of Houston.


Dr. Karl Robinson (c) Smita Dwivedi (2016)

Dr. Karl Robinson
(c) Smita Dwivedi (2016)

Dr. Karl Robinson is an experienced, homeopath, practicing homeopathy since the last forty years. He received his B.A. from Yale University and M.D. from Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia. After completing a residency in internal medicine, he studied homeopathy at the National Center for Homeopathy in the U.S. and at the Royal Homeopathic Hospital in London. Additionally, he has studied extensively over the years with leading homeopaths from Greece, Germany, Belgium, Holland, England, South America, Canada, and India.

Doctor Robinson turned to homeopathy while he was doing his residency in Manhattan, New York. He says he became “disillusioned” by a “revolving door policy” where people came in, got treated, got discharged, only to return weeks later with the same condition or worse.

Dr. Robinson says that “homeopathy does not lend itself very well to “double blinded studies.” He explains that, there are different homeopathic remedies for the same symptom for different individuals. It is extremely symptom specific and the treatments are individualized. A patient’s physical as well as emotional/mental symptoms are taken into account before administering treatment.

Numerous researches have been conducted on homeopathy and the deductions are very promising. Dr. Robinson says that homeopathy is very potent and extremely safe because it is free of harmful chemicals or additives that may cause a side effect. Pediatric patients benefit from this treatment as well. Severe as well as mild conditions, including vitiligo, allergies, migraine and even ADD and ADHD have shown marked improvement.

Talking about how effective homeopathy is, Dr. Robinson’s says, “Effectiveness of a treatment depends on the skill of the practitioner.”


Mirvana Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, is the place to be in Houston for acupuncture. The CEO and owner Dr. Sonya Patel is a licensed acupuncturist certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. With nearly fourteen years of experience, she brings exceptional expertise in healing with a holistic approach. Dr. Patel’s specialty lies in fertility, menopause, allergies/asthma, pain management, stress/anxiety, sleep disorders, PCOS, endometriosis. She also treats children for various ailments including migraine and stress.

Dr. Patel believes that acupuncture is a good option for pediatric patients. She treats pediatric patients in the age group of 7-19. She is enthusiastic about the positive results she has got from treating migraine in children and teens.

“Many migraine/headache conditions are correlated to gastrointestinal issues. It has been a learning experience for me to work with children. The results are phenomenal and exceptionally rewarding.”

Dr. Patel is also a researcher and proud to be published in medical journals with leading doctors. She is also the co-author of TCM Clinical Handbook for Fertility. Mirvana Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs’ Facebook page shares helpful insights about the effectiveness of acupuncture.

Eileen Van Vulpen (c) Eileen Van Vulpen

Eileen Van Vulpen
(c) Eileen Van Vulpen

Eileen van Vulpen, PhD, Lac, is a licensed acupuncturist/herbalist, owner and practitioner at The Ginkgo Tree Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, which has now moved to a new location inside the Pilates and Motion building in the Provincial Professional Park in Katy, Texas.

Eileen’s clinic has a relaxing spa like feel with essential oils, relaxing music and a comfortable massage and recliner.

“I am very excited about the new location and the opportunities to collaborate with Pam Blangy, the owner of Pilates and Motion, as our goals and methodology are closely aligned.”

“Acupuncture and cupping have similar actions as the Pilates, the Gyrotonic system and massage. They work the whole body, by opening energy pathways, stimulate the nervous system, increase the range of motion, renew energy and vitality and induce a general sense of calm and well being.”

Eileen treats patients for pain management, stress and anxiety, female issues including infertility, digestive disorders, allergies and a lot more. She says that the success rate is good and varies in different individuals. Her first consultation consists of getting a complete background of the patient’s lifestyle and health history in addition to the main ailment they are seeking the treatment for. Many patients report an overall improvement in general health and sleep cycles in the process of treatment for their ailments.

Human Acupuncture Model (c) Smita Dwivedi 2016

Human Acupuncture Model
(c) Smita Dwivedi 2016

“The beauty of Chinese Medicine (besides no harmful side effects) is that acupuncture and Chinese herbs can treat anything under the sun. Whether it is Bells palsy, the common cold, sweaty feet, cancer support, neuropathy or something else, acupuncture can make a big difference. “

Talking about success cases in children, Eileen mentions a 14-year old teenage boy who suffered from a severe case of anxiety to the extent of dropping from school. “He had high dreams and anxiety was holding him back; he was also on strong anti-anxiety medications,” says Eileen.

After few months of acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements, there was a commendable improvement in his condition. He was able to stop taking the strong anti anxiety medications and rejoin school.

“Once there is an improvement in condition, acupuncture can be taken monthly or in two months for maintenance,” explains Eileen.


A. Ashish is dad of a seven year old. He is very impressed by acupuncture. He calls acupuncture safe and effective. He says, “I was not at all sure if this would work. My wife is a strong believer of alternative healing therapy, so I decided to try it. My son’s allergies have shown remarkable improvement!”

Research has proven that acupuncture to be effective in a variety of areas, including providing pain relief during injection of local anesthetic in children. Acupuncture simulation of specific points has been shown to result in analgesic effects in patients experiencing acute pain.


Sharon Kapp (c) Smita Dwivedi (2016)

Sharon Kapp
(c) Smita Dwivedi (2016)

“Ayurveda is the knowledge of earth, the knowledge of science. The most basic form of explanation of what life is,” says Sharon Kapp, ayurvedic practitioner and owner of Houston Yoga and Ayurveda Center.

Sharon points to “prajnaparadha,” or ignorance of the intellect, being the root cause of all diseases.

She says, “Ayurveda has categorized three main constitutional types. These types (or doshas) are called “Vata,” “Pitta,” and “Kapha,” translated as “Air,” “Fire,” and “Water/Earth” respectively.”

The increase or decrease in these “doshas” can create an imbalance in the body. Ayurveda restores balance in the body by balancing these “doshas” through diet, lifestyle, and herbal supplements.

Sharon explains that in Ayurveda, the balance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha is used to treat young children too. Complex and prevalent health issues such as allergies, ADD, ADHD, Autism, etc. have had positive results with natural supplements, meditations and, “yoga mudras.”

Addressing the issue of Autism, Sharon says, “Ayurveda treats the children under the Autism spectrum in a different way than western medicine does.” “The success rates have been great.”

Sharon is a passionate healer who uses this science of healing to treat and heal naturally. She believes that reintroducing one back to the flow of nature helps the bodies recuperate and rejuvenate.

Research has established that Ayurveda is effective in treatment of psychological and mental disorders in children and enhances mental ability, learning disorders, behavioral therapy through natural techniques / treatments.

The utilization of traditional system of medicine is established on the basis of scientific study and evidences. In their research ‘A review on some common diseases in children and their treatment with traditional system of medicine’, the authors summarize advanced research in this area, especially Ayurveda.

Sunita’s Houston Ayurveda Center is a one-stop shop in Houston’s River Oaks area that offers a number of alternative therapies, including yoga sessions for adults as well as children; and complete Ayurveda treatments.

Sunita Tarkunde (c) Smita Dwivedi (2016)

Sunita Tarkunde
(c) Smita Dwivedi (2016)

Sunita Tarkunde, is an accomplished Ayurveda practitioner and certified Yoga instructor. Inspired by her grandfather who was a Sanskrit teacher back in India, Sunita realized very early in her life that she wanted to be a healer.

Sunita points out the importance of digestion in Ayurveda. “ If you do not process things efficiently you may not get the nutrients from the good stuff you are ingesting.”

“The main regimen of Ayurveda relies upon the “agni” which is fire. This “agni” is inside each individual. Better health depends a lot upon stronger “agni.”

In Sunita’s words, “Ayurveda is more than an ancient science of healing, it is an art of living.”

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique/ Tapping

Helen Racz (c) Smita Dwivedi (2016)

Helen Racz
(c) Smita Dwivedi (2016)

Helen Racz is a life coach and EFT practitioner. She turned to holistic methods of healing when an automobile accident herniated two disks in her spine. Every medical doctor told her that her pain would get worse with age. Helen saw light when she came across The Mindbody Prescription: Healing the Body, Healing the Pain by Dr. John Sarno. Within two months of practicing the techniques explained in the book, Helen was completely pain free.

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT defines it as, “Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT (often known as Tapping or EFT Tapping), is a universal healing tool that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues.“ (Web)

“In many cases, EFT can be applied directly to physical symptoms for relief without exploring any emotional contributors. However, for the most powerful, longest lasting results with EFT, we do expect to identify and target related emotional issues.” (Web)

Helen is an intuitive healer. She practices free group sessions of tapping as well as personal EFT sessions. Her insightful class, Self-Invest: The Next Step is for people who want to empower themselves and include metaphysical teachings in their life.

“I love to share my knowledge and find joy in helping people,” Says Helen Racz.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a unique form of alternative therapy that has wonderful success stories, especially with children. The American Association of Music Therapy defines music therapy as “an established healthcare profession that uses music to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals of all ages. Music therapy improves the quality of life for persons who are well and meets the needs of children and adults with disabilities or illnesses.”

The Music Therapy Center of Houston is a non-profit center that educates the community about music therapy matches board certified music therapists with patients and families through Houston and surrounding areas.

Research has shown music therapy helps patients in a range of settings, including reducing preoperative anxiety, improving motor control, and helping premature babies.”

Houston offers many options for people who want to venture outside their comfort zone of conventional western medicine and look for themselves if alternative treatments are an answer for them.

“A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.” ― Eric Micha’el Leventhal